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               SPRING 2019

Hi Friends! Its been far too long since the last update! The shop has been very busy, a highlight being the completion and sale of a new Griffin Orchestral model bass in Fall 2018! The onwer sends ecstatic texts updating me on his latest joys of using the bass in the Northeastern U.S.

Currently, two more Strad model violins await varnishing, and two viola corpi have their rib structures on moulds, one a Griffin model, and the other an Amati pattern.

The usual assortment of repairs and rehairs continually occupy available bench space. Several custom ebony C-Extensions were installed, one of them a nice looking double-pulley, ebony model senza hole drilled through scroll, which received notable attention on Facebook. In Januaru 2019 a damaged Testore bass received major restorative work on its removed back.

Upcoming summer 2019 events include the2019 International Society of Bassists Convention in Bloomington at Indiana University (my alma mater), June 3rd -8th. We will be featuring several Italian basses, the restored 1860's Jacquet bass, three Griffin basses (2008 Solo Model, the 2005 & 2018 Orchestral models (ALL SOLD), and many great bows, all of which can be tried!

Following that will be a week at the Southern California Violin Makers Workshop, with expert guidance under master maker Michael Darnton.

Until next time!

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Hi Friends!
This June I spent two weeks in Claremont, California with the Southern California Association of Violin Makers, attending the workshop of Michael Darnton, one of the world's most well-versed Stradivari experts! While there, I readied two more Strad model violins (the 1709 Viotti, and the 1713 Huberman/Bell) for varnishing, including final scraping, neck sets, and fingerboard preparation. Players there experienced my two most recently finished Strad models, the 1715 Titian and 1716 Messiah, and found them to be pleasingly responsive, rich in clarity and depth, and with very projecting tonal warmth. Oh, and pleasing to the eye, as well!

Also a shout out to CLAREMONT YOGA in the heart of the village, where I enjoyed attending six drop-in classes of blissful peace and renewal!

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              STRADIVARI  LIVES  HERE!
 Check out my two latest violins, described on the                           VIOLINS page.  

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The 2017 ISB CONVENTION was an unqualified success for all participants, players, attendees, luthiers, teachers, young bassists, and amateurs. Thanks to Nicholas Walker, Madeleine Crouch, and the incredible Staff for all their hard work. Thank you to all my wonderful friends, customers, and new friends who came by our table and tried the instruments and bows!  We're already looking forward to the 2019 convention, location TBD! 

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              Friends, we're preparing for the

              ~ ~ 2017 CONVENTION ~ ~
                         June 4-9th at Ihaca College in beautiful
                                         Ithaca, New York!

We'll be showing the newly restored French Xavier Jacquet bass, and 
highlighting the 2008 Griffin Italian Model bass which now hosts a state-of-art carbon grahite neck stiffener.  You can hear these basses being used by competitors in the various player divisions. 
Will also be showing a wonderful pre-war JUZEK bass just in! 
Of course, lots of bows to check out, including a nice H.R.PFRETZSCHNER French bow, and an older KOLSTEIN bow.
             (We'll be sharing a space with CSC Products.)

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133.4 grams
Beautiful quartered pernambuco
Fine French craftsmanship
Great condition
Strong articulation characteristics
Clear & full sound
Finesse bow, esp. for solo playing
Certificate of Authentication included

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VIOLA:   Daniel Parker c.1715  15 3/4-inch 
Serious inquiries only, please.


VIOLA: 1970 James Coggin , 16 3/4-inches


NEW!!! 1741 del Gesu Violin just completed last November!!

Not only is it beautiful 
to look at, it fits very 
comfortably, and has 
a soulful intensity within a warm tonality. Sound is very 
even across the strings, 
and up & down the fingerboard, that characteristic which 
makes del Gesu violins the preference of soloists.



1735 model



                  15 Minutes of World-wide Fame!

Karr-Koussevitztky "Amati" bass damaged in flight, but repaired in time for Colin Corner's wonderful performance on Nov. 8, 2015!



NEW16-inchVIOLA in the Brescian style available!  Sophisticated tone that accommodates an easy solo register, with excellent qualities of projection. Invites refined technique. SOLD!





Four more Strad-model violins are currently in the making!!          
                                                Models being copied are:
1709 Viotti
1713 Huberman (Bell)
1715 Titian
1716 Lady Blunt

The violins will all be of well-aged premium European wood, air-dried, and selected for their resemblence to the respective models. All making is done in-house using traditional Cremonese internal mould method, including all work done BY HAND.  Please contact me if you would like to reserve one of these violins, which are guaranteed to please very discriminating players.


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Paige played her heart out!!! The Griffin 2014 Strad 
(1715 "Titian") violin could be heard above the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in their March 8th, 2015, side-by-side concert with the Rochester Philharmonic. A knowledgeable violinist colleague said "I knew from the very first chord [of the Vitali Chacconne] it was going to be REALLY good! Wow!" Congratulations to the soloists and all members for a very memorable afternoon of wonderful music!

                                  f   f   f   f   f  

The 2015 Griffin 16-inch Viola is sold and being well-loved by a Rochester Philharmonic violist, who uses it everyday at work. It is a pleasure to look over and see & hear the instrument being played so wonderfully! Many discriminating players shared extremely positive feedback in the process of selection, and are eager for more violas!






HAPPY NEW YEAR!New VIOLA is well underway! This requested instrument is a custom 16-inch model that delivers a warm, mature, and free sound that blends especially well in chamber music ensembles. Wood selection is American red spruce belly, American old growth butternut one-piece back, and northwest American big leaf maple neck. Sweet harmonies!







Three New Strads in progress!

Talk about winning models!
Viotti 1709
Huberman (BELL)1713
Titian 1715


Strad 1715 finished! Sound exceeds all expectations.
Sparkling clarity, brilliant projection in all registers, wide tonal pallette, super easy to play, and looks great. 



SUMMER 2014 ACTIVITIES! Attended the Southern California Violin and Bow Maker's Workshop for two weeks of intensive focus on Stradivarian plate modeling with expert Michael Darnton.


Trip to Carnegie Hall - May 2014

The RPO had a tour to the Big Apple on May 5th through the 8th.
We will also be starting a blog on the subject.Click here to go to our Blog page.



New GUARNERI DEL GESU model finished!
A new sound experience in tone color and warmth with projection. 



"B" Benefits! 

See and hear the 2013 Griffin Italian Model boom out a clear low B! A truly enriching experience!



Griffin 2013 Violin (Stradivari 1716 "Titian")   SOLD!
Sophisticated clarity with projection and personality exceeding its humble origin!
Just completed, begun this June. Wonderful sounding model. 


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