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About Us

Luthier's Care (run by Michael Griffin) has been serving Rochester and western N.Y. since 1985, doing new making, repairs and restorations on violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows and more.

"My instrument work began during my time at Indiana University, where in addition working on my Bachelor's degree in orchestral bass performance, I studied with Ole Stephen Dahl, Bloomington's resident violin making expert for many decades. 

I soon had a job maintaining the univerity's stringed instruments. After graduating, I enjoyed working by day at an Indianapolis violin shop, where Al Stancel taught me to make violins using the Italian inner form. By night, I restored my 19th-Century Italian bass, or played either classical or electric bass in various professional capacities. By the mid-1980's, I'd sold my first two handmade violins to a member of the Indianapolis Symphony, and ended up in central New York. 

I definitely caught the making bug!

I chose to balance my love of instrument work (both making & repair of orchestral strings) and orchestral bass playing. Ginny, my wonderful wife, managed to bring me to peace with the decision to continue doing both! As in the past, that balance necessarily swings toward one or the other, something that I find synergistically renewing.

My current making has benefitted from the mentoring of luthier Michael Darnton, at the Southern California Violin & Bow Makers Workshop. He enlightened my way of seeing, educating me on Stradivari's limitless genius. I continue to love orchestral bass playing with the Rochester Philharmonic, and making stringed instruments, currently numbering around thirty-five. 

I believe my experience as a string player helps customers achieve the most from their instruments. Love of music is the glue that binds it all together. I'm grateful to have such bounty in life -- family, musical friendships, sincere musical expression, hands and feet that take abuse.

                         Life is short, so ya gotta love it!" 

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