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V  I  O  L  A  S

James Coggins (1970) 16 3/4-inch (42.9 cm) - String Length 37 cm

A professional-level, easy-playing DaSalo model with a "false" nut for playable string length. The ribs of relatively low height make this larger viola very tonally present, clear, and fast speaking, with plenty of volume to spare. A very affordable instrument by a respected maker. SOLD

        C:    C:    C:    C:    C:    C:    C:   C:    C:   

DOETSCH (2000) - 16 1/2-inch, String length 38.3 cm

A step-up, full-bodied instrument of hearty sound and looks. SOLD

           C:     C:     C:     C:     C:     C:  

Chinese (2000) 16-inch    SOLD             


          C:    C:    C:     C:     C:    C:      C:      

GRIFFIN "Americana" 16-inch of Walnut/Redwood   10/21       SOLD                      12/22

My 2013 model, again unifiying Amati and Griffin elements in plate modeling, this time differently than previous modifcations. Overall sound and feel is a very easy dark, warm response. Both the top and back plates are one piece! 

The upper register, full with clarity, is well balanced to the chocolatey bottom. Difficult to find any negatives in this sound, equal to the difficulty making undesirable tones on this lovely instrument. The corners are well sculpted, the 

color richly pleasing, the handling ever so soft and friendly, the sound incomparable. Give it a try -- you'll not want to put it down.

      C:    C:    C:     C:     C:     C:    C:    C:

GRIFFIN 16-inch:  Newborn sings! 6/2021  SOLD  1/22

I've modified my original 2013 model to incorporate some of the sweetness and pure sizzle of the 1625 G.Amati model. Made in the spirit of del Gesus violins, it retains the powerful dark qualities, yet provides great flexibility of tone modulation, to include warm, yet sizzly projecting qualities. Super easy to play in all registers, very even, and a low register that explodes with broad power. No harsh edge to a wonderful A string. Oh, did I mention, it's pleasurable to look at and hold?! PLEASE COME BY AND PLAY IT!

, . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ,

AMATI 16-inch       SOLD     6/21

Several minor modifications intentionally brought this model's tone further from the violin side. It retains the silvery clarity of the original ​model, but also now possesses enhanced darker qualities that violists seek. The inner strings especially have a silvery, milk chocolate sound. Quality is very even across all strings and registers. Notable is the playing ease, and lack of dips in resonance. Well-aged European tonewoods and controlled ambient conditions during and after construction guarantee a stable, healthy instrument for decades of enjoyable use. The birth of a new musical voice is always reason to celebrate!

1625 G. AMATI  model  (16-inch)    SOLD 12/2020

It sounds as refreshingly beautiful as it looks, with an easy neck, and a luscious, clear yet warm tone, each string complete with its own full tonal character, yet well balanced. Especially excellent for a player that switches between viola and violin! Top shelf European tonewood. Thoughtfully antiqued to match original.                (Click on pics to hear) 

This viola is an accurate copy of the rare, almost untouched, and recently highly documented 41.0 centimeter (16-inch) "alto" by Girolamo Amati c.1625 (featured in The Girolamo Amati Viola in the Galleria Estense: Scrollavezza & Zanre, 2014, ISBN 9788890719424). It is made from premium European tonewoods, including a one-piece back, matching the original. It is thrilling to consolidate my knowledge of the Amatis making tradition, using careful observations made from this resource. It features CT scans that almost exceed the benefits of having the actual viola in hand. It should be said that one is also studying Stradivari's tradition, he himself having learned making from Nicolo Amati. It is educational and stimulating to identify the specific design and making techniques that passed from Andrea Amati, to Nicolo, and all his Cremonese students, birth of Stadivari's foundation from which he soared.


GRIFFIN 16-inch Model   SOLD        Sept.2020          

The model is broad and generously edged, lending a friendly soft feel to its handling. The varnish is a ​deep, warm red brown, the edges lighter to enhance depth.​ Sound is immediate and full, with great warmth, clarity, and projection.  New orders accepted.

This Griffin model features American red spruce & American soft maple, for an easy, warm, yet powerful and comfortable instrument. Here is its appearance before varnishing. Similar American & European wood choices are available, in one- or two-piece backs.

(Please see more pics on facebook! click on front pic)

C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C:

I continue making my own 16-inch model, same as the previous three well-loved instruments. This next viola, already started, is of American maple of extremely impressive figure and red spruce top. I anticipate its completion late summer 2020. 

Previous violas (SOLD) I've made include back wood of butternut, a softer hardwood that lends a buttery sound and markedly beautiful grain. I'm anticipating trying some walnut after these next violas are completed. Two of my customers each enjoy owning & playing both my handmade viola and violin!

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