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Bassmaking is never finished! I build three personal models, all Italian influenced, and loved by players. I continue to make these successful models, and am also always researching new model possibilities. For the models of the SOLD instruments below made by me (notated with ***), please keep in mind the possibility of ordering a bass. Terms are negotiable, based on time and materials. Additionally, one can choose certain specs in advance, or as the element comes into play. 

A recent adventure in personal growth and understanding was the making of a replacement top plate for my personal 19th C. Northern Italian bass of unknown make. 

UPDATE 9/23: The original top has rejoined the bass, after bass bar replacement. As great as the replacement top was, I wanted it back to original. The new bar has enriched the bottom end, and the bass is better than ever since i obtained it in 1979!

The replacement top will be joined to a new body that I will make!

If any bassist has a great old bass whose top is problematic for reasons of condition or unwieldy 

string length, consider the possibility of a top replacement. The original top can be safely stored for restoration work, while the player benefits from improved ergonomics and tonal spectrum.


JUST IN:  SHEN 5/8 Model 388 (carved, figured mahagony back), 2016, near-mint, played-in condition. This is one sweetly appointed bass, with warm orchestral tone (carved back), easy string length (39.5 inches), easy solo shouilders, chromatic C-extension, upgrade Sloane tuners, leather bumpers, Ulsa endpin, light carrying weight, Cushy bag included! 

Shen 5-8 fr.jpg


MONTELIBRO stamped Sartory bench copy, circa 2010 Japan, 133 grams, mint condition, fineese player.



CHANDLER 1997 Amati model -   SOLD

A beautiful, mature "new bass" in superb condition, this 1997 Peter Chandler instrument (No.15) is a copy of a very well-known, much-loved old bass. Its moderate dimensions allow player to excel in all musical arenas of solo, orchestral, chamber, and jazz performance, and in eye-catching style. Notable are the top shelf N. American tonewoods, the uniquely long f-holes, the flatback model that lends immediacy of sound, and the generous rib height that provides orchestral solidity and depth. An impressive bass that pleases players and listeners!                                (See DIMENSIONS beneath pictures.)

DIMENSIONS: String Length: 41.125 inches (104.4 cm)       Top Length: 44 inches (112 cm)

Bout Widths across back: 20, 14, 26 inches (51, 35.7, 66 cm)

Rib depth at Neck: 6" (5.2 cm),  at C-bout: 8.5 " (21.6 cm),  at End: 8.75" (22.2 cm)


Classic Pollmann design in the finest Bavarian/German (Markneukirchen) tradition, featuring their consistently excellent craftsmanship, exquisite edge treatment, superior tone woods, and reliably resonant, easy-to-play format. Excellent choice for both serious students and working professionals, these highly respected instruments are found in top orchestras world-wide. This bass was played over fifty years in a major US orchestra, and lovingly maintained. Its clear and deep sound is easily produced, and is suitable for solo, chamber, orchestral, and jazz applications. Join the Pollmann family, you'll be connected!  Dimensions below.

DIMENSIONS: String Length - 41.875" (106.3 cm).    Top Length - 45.375" (115.2 cm). 

Bout Widths across top: 19.375" (49.2 cm), 14.5" (36.9 cm), 27.0" (68.6 cm). 

Rib Depths - Neck 6.75" (17.1 cm), C's 7.8" (19.8 cm), End 8.0" (20.3 cm).

RUBNER, Johannes 1970 "Fiver" SOLD

This five-string bass, custom ordered in 1970, is in near mint condition. The setup is very easy to play, the sound clear and loud. This is what the bass section needs! Dimensions below. Please Inquire.

DIMENSIONS: String Length - 41.5" (105.4 cm).       Top Length - 43.75" (111.1 cm).

Bout Widths across top: 19.5" (49.2 cm), 14.5" (36.9 cm), 26.25" (66.6 cm).

Rib Depths - Neck 7.25" (18.4 cm), C's 8.75" (22.2 cm), End 8.8" (22.5 cm).

Vintage Tyrolean 

(Late 19th C.)  5/8plus - size

FOR SALE  -   $8K


This all original, old bass has a very easy string length, even easier body size, and enormous old world sound. Very healthy, and plays great. Covers all genres of desired sound and feel, depending upon strings used. Flat back with top plate of generous arch height. Easy to play, easy to carry, easy to impress! The ease and sound will make you the envy of your bassist friends.


DIMENSIONS: String Length - 39.75" (101.3 cm)    Top Length - 40.375" (102.5 cm).

Bout Widths across back:  19.125" (48.3 cm),    13.4375" (34.0 cm), 24.25" (61.5 cm). 

Rib Depths: Neck 6.125" (15.5 cm), 

   Body 7.75" (19.7 cm). 


 Such a nice looking/sounding bass!

DIMENSIONS: String Length: 43.875" (111.5 cm)    Top Length: 41.125" (104.5 cm)

Bout Widths (Top): 19.5" (49.5 cm), 13.3125" (33/7 cm), 26.0" (66.0 cm) 

SHEN SB150 Hybrid-carved top, 2009     SOLD   8/21


O. Zimmerman "Dark Gagliano" 


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Newly Restored


19th Century Mirecourt


Tone muscular & punchy, immediate full sound. Jazz or orchestral.

Finest craftsmanship of the Mirecourt school of making.

Breathtakingly beautiful under stage lights.

Distinctive beaded Jacquet edges.

Carved back wood the prettiest I've seen in any Jacquet.

Now set up with bridge adjusters.


        GRIFFIN 2018 

*** Orchestral Model - SOLD

This Griffin model is incredibly powerful in all registers, and still easy to get around the shoulder! It ranks favorably against the world's finest basses, old and new. This bass was ordered when the buyer saw the 2005 bass pictured below at the 2017 ISB Convention in Ithaca, in spite of the fact he was not even bass shopping! Kevin is absolutely thrilled with the instrument, and I'm sure would be happy to speak with anyone considering this model. He also had choice of materials.

This model can be ordered or commissioned.

(Model shown 32,500 plus sales tax.)

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19th Century French (JTL) 

Orchestral Bass - SOLD

Superb example of Mirecourt makers' careful craftsmanship, inside and out.



*** Italian Solo Model - SOLD

Incredible bear clawed Euro spruce.

Solo fingerboard extension AND carbon graphite neck stiffener! Crack reducing saddle.

String length 41.75 inches. Super easy shoulder permits high position ease. Clear mature sound. Impressive lower end in addition to singing upper register. Compact design makes for eary transporting.





   GRIFFIN 2005 

*** Orchestral Model - SOLD!

This bass has won Kieran a principal job! (CLICK on the front pic below to hear one of many Utube posts by Kieran, featuring this powerful yet sweet and easy-playing bass!)

It is an amazing model with power and beauty to spare. Easy shoulder in spite of its great air volume. As great a solo bass as orchestral. (Too bad these old pics here are overexposed - I will get some better ones up. The NW American maple is impressively beautiful, and I have two remaining flatback sets! As usual, the person ordering can request certain specs. References available!

Click to hear!



(Hear KelvinNg


      GRIFFIN 2013 

*** Northern Italian Model - 


This classy model is based on M.GRIFFIN'S 19th-C. Northern Italian, and is available in various woods,. It can be ordered or commissioned. It is everything a serious bassist needs in a fine bass!

Hear Joshua DePoint playing Bach on this bass:

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B-BOMB! Model - SOLD

One of a kind, sorely missed!

Shen 5-8 fr.jpg
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